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Where Food and Fashion collide to make great Taste!
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born in the small town of Many, Louisiana,  his journey took form as a young child by watching his mom prepare amazing meals in the kitchen.  His childhood experience in the kitchen led to true love and passion for food and most importantly bringing people together through his food.  Chef Christian has spent over 15 years living and cooking in the great city of New Orleans.  His love for the city is shown often in his amazing sauces, seasoning, and signature dishes!  His chef career led him to compete on Season 5 of the popular competition show, "Master Chef" on FOX, where he was a top 5 finalist.  He was able to gain fans from all across the nation by showing his passion, drive, and personality on the hit show.   Many fans didn't get a chance to hear the heartache of Chef Christian's journey on the show.  His journey includes a horrible car accident, the death of loved ones, and a period of homelessness.  All of this pushed him past his limits and ultimately to a thriving career. During those difficult times in his life, he accredits his faith for pushing him past the rough times to know his dreams would come true. understanding that any road less traveled could be the road that would take him to his destiny.Chef Christian has always focused on his passion and decided to launch his own catering company. Food, Fashion, Taste Catering LLC (FFT), a New Orleans based company that combines his passion for food with his love for fashion trends and contemporary styles. His company is trailblazing the industry by offering great food with unique event experiences for guests that are like none other.  The chef says he lives by his mantra: "A smile, even when it feels forced, is what gives us the strength to continue our process."  Chef Christian is adamant about staying true to his core belief that he will change lives one plate at a time.  

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